This is a portrait we drew of our wee little friend Kale the goblin
"A Wee Goblin Called Kale"
This is a portrait we drew of our newly found friend Kale. He's a wee goblin and an expert hide and seek player who we met by accident while we were playing in the park...

"Our new friend Neenim"
This is our new friend Neenim. We met him on one of the balconies near our house where he's been looking after some abandoned plants...

meet the Candle Ghosts...or the wee smokies as we call them.
"The Candle Ghosts"

Meet Leahann'riada the forest faerie
"Leahann'riada the forest faerie."

a Wee Dragon Pup
"A Wee Dragon Pup"

What is a bookshelf...
"What is a bookshelf?"
What is a bookshelf
other than a treasure chest
for a curious mind...

Nalu, a Firefly faerie
"Nalu, the Firefly Faerie..."
This is Nalu, She's a very special faerie. During the day time she collects bits of string, and then at night, when the moon is just right, she ties these stings into a secret knot and turn them into fireflies...

A terrifying drawing we made a vampire taking a bat pup for a midnight walk.
"A Vampire with a wee baby bat"

New classes starting this Satyrday!
"Lady Rosafae's school for young flyers"

whatever you do...plese don't feed the goblins!
"Please don't feed the goblins"

a wee picture of a kabouter
"The Picsees and the Kabouters"

a wee little picture of Galagasco the lazy gnome.
"Galagasco the lazy Gnome"

A wee picture of our friend Root the burrow elf.
"The Burrow Elves and the Crawlies"

it's time to go explore
"Time To Explore"

a drawing of Keecu the gatekeeper by the Picsees
"Keecu the gatekeeper"
Meet Keecu, he is one of the gatekeepers that guards the doors between this world and the faeryrealms...

a faery portrait of Laureletta the wee wild forest faery illustrated by the Picsees.
"Laureletta the wee wild forest faery"


"Lindee-Mae the Moon-time Fae"

a Drawing of Captain Charlie and Macintosh the mechanical Flea
"Captain Charlie and Macintosh the Mechanical Flea"

A drawing of the Loch Ness Monsters
"The Monsters of Loch Ness"

a drawing of Eric in a Jam
"Eric in a Jam"

a drawing of a wee dream
"A Sleepytime Picture"

a photo picture of Collie Flowers the Pirate Captain
"Collie Flowers the Pirate Captain"

a photo picture of Liloo Lumins in London
"a Portrait picture of Liloo Lumins"

another drawing of a real Brown Onion Brownie
"the Brown Onion Brownies came to visit again."

a drawing of a riverbank faerie have some arty soup
"32 cans of soup on the wall"

This is not a drawing of a pipe, it's a drawing of a pirate ship
"This is not a pipe, its a pirate Ship!"

a drawing of a real life Brown Onion Brownie
"Have you met a Brown Onion Brownie?"

a drawing of Ingo and his pet snail mister Lettuce
"Our Friend Ingo and Mister Lettuce the snail"

a drawing of books and rainy days
"Rainy Days"

a drawing of Eric the teacup pirate
"Eric is a goblin, Eric is a scallywag"

a drawing of our good friend Rory
"Rory the philosopher"

a drawing of Mika Macroon
"Mika Macaroon"

a drawing of my brother

a drawing of me, Collie flowers
"Collie Flowers"

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