The Story of the Lazy Gnome.

a drawing of Galagasco the lazy gnome.

Once there was a wee little gnome named Galagasco. Now, if you had to choose just one word to describe him you would probably use the word 'lazy'. And if you did you'd be right. The thing about lazy folk is that they usually end up with lots and lots of things to do that never gets done. This was also true in the case of Galagasco. One day it got so bad that he decided it was time to do something about it. Many lazy folk make this decision, but he went a step further than most of them...He actually did something. He made a list. At first he titled it 'Things To Do Today', but since it was already afternoon he decided to change it to 'Things To Do Tomorrow'. And credit given where credit is due, he did write down quite a lot of things to do. It took some time, but it was a good list and he was rather proud of it. When he was done he read through it once more and thought that with so many things to do tomorrow, he should probably spend the rest of today resting.

He folded up the list and placed it on the wee table next to his bed where he snuggled up and found his way to dreamland in no time. He slept like a log and woke up well rested the next morning. "What a lovely day" he thought as he got out of bed, until he remembered about the list and all those things that needed to be done. His heart sank into his little boots. He sighed as he picked up the list, but as he began to read, a smile appeared on his face. He re-read it few more times, just to be sure and gave another big sigh, only this time it was a sigh of relief. "I was a little worried for a while" he said to himself, "but there was no need, for this is a list of things to do tomorrow...not today". He folded up the list and put it back onto the wee table next to his bed. "And since I have so many things to do tomorrow" he thought aloud, "I should probably spend the rest of today resting". and got back into bed.

- - - ------------------- THE END ------------------- - - -

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Sharry Johnson said: "Came across your pictures on Pinterest and it led me to this splendorific web page! I love everything about your art and short stories! This story was inspiring and encouraged me to engage! Thank you"
on 7th January 2018
- - - ------------------ - - -

Denise Carlson said: "I just found your website! Yay!! I am in love!! "
on 28th September 2017
- - - ------------------ - - -

Donna said: "Just put a smile on my face after a very long day! Thank-you! "
on 27th July 2017
- - - ------------------ - - -

Ms. Ainee C. Beland said: "tomorrow!"
on 19th March 2017
- - - ------------------ - - -

Martha said: "Your stories are so fantastic and interesting. Can I translate it in Russian? (Sorry for my bad English)"
on 22nd February 2017
- - - ------------------ - - -

Parastoo said: "Funny!how clever Galagasco was to continue being lazy:)"
on 29th January 2017
- - - ------------------ - - -

Ginny Meigh said: "Precious ❣"
on 30th December 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Linda Comber said: "Love the story, and the darling little Imp!"
on 14th December 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

BobbieTales said: "Lovely, where are you! We need more stories."
on 7th August 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

RavenSong said: "Loved it! Absolutely adorable. Very creative and inspiring. "
on 5th August 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Denise said: "Tomorrow is the today you worried about yesterday! Just live and love"
on 15th July 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Lisa said: "Love love love"
on 6th July 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Charlene Munson said: "I just knew it! I knew they were real, so glad I found them"
on 1st July 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Alice Chan said: "I like the pictures."
on 3rd May 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Laura Docker said: "Lovely! "
on 27th February 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Brenda Ornberg said: "Loved this! So enchanting!"
on 4th February 2016
- - - ------------------ - - -

Leslie said: "Love your work. It's inspired me to sculpt some wee ones"
on 8th July 2015
- - - ------------------ - - -

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