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Hello! It's us...the Picsees and this is our official wee website where you can sneak into a faerie world through some pictures drawn and stories told. Find your way around by following the clicks above or take a wee scroll down this page if you'd like us to show you a few highlights. Either way we hope you enjoy your stay and please remember...don't feed the goblins.

this is our latest picture called
"a wee Picseestone"
(and below you'll find a few more pictures from our wee art gallery)
a wise wee warning not to feed the Goblins What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind - a picture poem by the Picsees The Loch Ness Monsters
Snippets from our Diary
Spring clean and shiny things

A wee while ago we decided to spring clean our wee workshop. It was quite a big job because we had to take everything outside so that we could do a thorough clean, but luckily our friends Edgar, Alan and Snow (who are two ravens and a white speckled crow) came around to lend us a hand...or in their case, to borrow us a beak. They were a great help with getting everything outside, especially when it came to taking things apart so that it could easily be passed through the narrow little window of our workshop...but when it was time to move everything back inside there was a bit of a mix-up and they ended up taking all the shiny things (like the metal parts of our clicky pencils and all the nuts and bolts from our drawing desk) back to their nest instead of our wee workshop where it belonged. We explained to them that we really needed all those bits and bobs for our work, and once we all apologized for our potential parts in the misunderstanding they returned it all and even helped us to put everything back together again (although one of the clicky pencils now needs sticky tape to stay together).

We felt quite bad that they had to give their newfound treasures back and asked if there was anything else they might like. They said they would really like something shiny and asked if there was any such thing that no one was using...maybe something you could see shimmering when perched in the tree outside of our human beans' living room window...and we could not believe their luck because there happened to be something just like that. We're not sure exactly what it was but our human beans kept a very shiny something on the mantelpiece and it was definitely of no use to them because in all the time we've lived with them we've not seen them take it out of the wee glass case it was in, not even once...but whatever it was, Edgar, Alan and Snow sure liked it a lot and were very happy to take it back to their nest.

~ written by Collie C. Flowers

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