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Hello! It's us...the Picsees and this is our official wee website where you can sneak into a faerie world through some pictures drawn and stories told. Find your way around by following the clicks above or take a wee scroll down this page if you'd like us to show you a few highlights. Either way we hope you enjoy your stay and please remember...don't feed the goblins.

this is our latest picture called
"a wee Picseestone"
(and below you'll find a few more pictures from our wee art gallery)
A Portrait we drew of a wee burrow elf named Root this is a portrait we drew of Lindee-may the moontime faerie a picture of Ingo the goblin taking his pet snail for a walk
Snippets from our Diary
Looking for Eric

We'd like to ask everyone to keep a wee eye out for Eric the goblin who's gone into hiding. You see, last night we went to investigate a strange noise coming from the kitchen and found him rummaging through the food cupboard. When we asked him what he was up to he told us he was also investigating a noise, but this was clearly a lie because his face was covered in cookie crumbs and he had quite a few pieces of macaroni stuck to his head.

Now as you might know, you can tell when pasta is cooked by throwing a piece against the wall and if it sticks, it's time to eat. And by applying a very similar set of rules you can tell that it's time for a goblin's bath when a piece of uncooked macaroni sticks to the goblin in question. Unfortunately, Mika made the mistake of making this observation out loud and the moment he uttered the word "bath" Eric made a run for it and has not been seen since.

There is of course no need to worry, this happens ever so often, and we usually find him soon afterwards, usually while investigating another noise coming from the kitchen. But he does sometimes hide a bit further afield, so if you happen upon a wee goblin with macaroni stuck to his head please let us know and whatever you do, don't mention baths.

~ written by Brother

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