Hello. We're the wee artists known as the Picsees and this is our little online home. Do come in and have a look around...we recommend a visit to the gallery & library where you can sneak into a faery-world through pictures drawn and stories told. Or, if you like, you can take a scroll down this page and we'll show you a few highlights. Either way we hope you enjoy your stay and please remember...don't feed the goblins.

This is one of two drawings we made of our special tin can telephone
from our wee art gallery
a wee drawing called
"The Tin-Can-Telephone"
This is one of two pictures we drew of our wee tin-can-telephone Tap here to take a closer look and to read the story that inspired this wee picture.
a print of our picture called
and from our wee little webshop:
An Art Print of a wee winterqueen
€ 17.50

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wee gifts for our patrons

We made some lovely (and very exclusive) little gifts to thank all our patrons for their kind support this month. So, this August everyone that supports our art with $1 or more can download a brand new printable colouring page, a set of Picsee Profile Pics and a Digital Desktop Calendar for August. We will also be sharing some sneak peeks with everyone and those of you who supports us with $2.50 or more will be getting a discount voucher for our wee webshop as well...

August downloads - colouring picture of some snifflehogs'
August Downloads - three Picsee 
profile Pics
august Downloads - A Digital Desktop Calendar
A Social Media Cover Pic to show you support art
become a patron
We would love to hear from you, so whether you'd like to say hello or ask a question or two, please do get in touch. The best way to do so is via our Facebook page or Facebook Messenger. If that's not for you, you can also send a message to: weemail@thepicsees.com. Either way we'll do our very best to write you back as soon as we can.
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