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"The Guardian Hares"
a commissioned drawing by the Picsees

We were very excited when the lovely lady Charlotte E. English asked us to create some drawings for her upcoming book called "Mr. Drake and My Lady Silver". We had a lovely time making these drawings and meeting all the wonderful characters in the book like the two guardian hares that you can see in this picture.
If you like you can read an excerpt of "Mr. Drake and My Lady Silver" and find out where you can buy a copy (it's available as an e-book and in paperback) by visiting Charlotte E. English's website at: www.charlotteenglish.com/books/mr-drake-and-my-lady-silver

#onceuponaworkshop #guardians #hares

Artwork © copyright by thepicsees.com and Charlotte E. English.
Please note that we do not sell prints of any commissioned work and that this artwork may not be used by anyone other than the person who commissioned or paid for the work to be created.