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This is a wee picture we drew of a picsee called Rory.
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"Rory the philosopher"
a picture by the Picsees

This is a picture we drew of our good friend Rory who might just be the smartest wee Picsee we know. Brother says that it's because Rory is a philosopher, which means he goes around looking at the world from a different point of view (and not just cause he is quite small) and then he sits down and wonders about about all the points and views that he could not see. Once we asked him what he was pondering but his answer was mostly just questions, all of which made our wee heads hurt so we had to do an emergency topic change. This did lead to some more of these answers that had quite complicated question hiding inside but in the end we did learn something from it, which is that whenever someone is deep in thought, it's sometimes best to just quietly ponder along...and that's exactly what we did thereafter. It's quite possible that this means that we are now philosophers too but we can't be sure and we're definitely not going to ask.

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