A Wee Introduction

"Most artists aren't most artists."

We love to share our wee little art pictures and stories with all of you, and ever since we started doing this people have asked us about the ways in which we make our art pictures, which made us realise that we also love to share the things we know. And so, we decided to start writing some 'Notes on drawing and making art' in which we'll explore and explain all the techniques, tricks and philosophies that we use when making our drawings. Some of these will be things that's been used by many artists for many years and some of them are things that we made up ourselves. Some might be considered the correct way to do things and some might not, although we don't really believe that there is an absolute right or wrong way to do things when it comes to making art. There are merely things that will work for you, and things that won't, and what they are is something only you can decide...because this is what will make your art yours. So, the most useful advice we can give you happens to be right here in the introduction, and it is this: learn as much as you can from as many different sources as you can find. Try to apply all these things to your art and try doing the opposite as well, and if you come across something you don't agree with try if anyways. Use the things that works for you and remember the ones that don't. Everything you learn is valuable so pay attention to it all, it just might prove useful one day...unless of course someone says that their way is the only correct way.
We remember once upon a time someone told us that we were doing something wrong because they know for a fact that it wasn't the way most artist do it to which brother replied, "but most artists aren't most artists" and this is something we remind ourselves of almost every day.

We really do hope one or two of the things that we share here will be something you'd like to take along with you on your artistic journey. And so, without any further ado, we'd like to invite you to read part 1 of our 'Notes on Drawing' which is all about an absolute essential: pencils...and here's the click to read it:

Notes on Drawing Part 1: Pencils

by the Picsees
Notes on Drawing - a wee introduction
Written by the Picsees and first published on March the 18th 2020
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All the methods and techniques mentioned in this article are ones that we use when making our art pictures. Some of these are time tested and has been used by many artists for many years and some were made up by us because we needed a solution to a problem.
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