How does the monthly Downloads work?
We will share at least 3 downloads with our patrons at the begining of every month, and these will remain available to download for the entire month. At the end of every month these will all move into the archives (which is still accessible to patrons with archive access) to make way for three new download which will once again be available for the duration of the month. We will email a link to the downloads page along with a new password to all our patrons at the beginning of the month (these details can also be accessed by our patrons at any time by clicking here). We've also created a dedicated Instagram page, Facebook Group and Pinterest board where we will share samples of all the new downloads so that you don't miss a thing.
What does the 'mention on our website' involve?
We are ever so grateful for the support of all our patrons and want to thank them for this in every way we can, and one such way would of course be to do so on our website, which is why we made a special page that is dedicated to doing just that (we do understand that some patrons might prefer to remain anonymous and therefore this is an opt-in reward).

And our patrons who supports us with $2.50 or more (and have opted-in to this reward) will also get a special mention on both our gallery & library pages where we will display 3 names (at random) along with a wee thank you message every time someone visits one of these pages. It might also include the occasional mention on one of our social media pages.

And as an extra special bonus, all patrons who supports us with $5 or more can choose to display their personal Instagram or Twitter handle instead of their name, which will also link to their Instagram or Twitter pages. Please note that these must meet certain conditions to qualify (mainly that they don't include anything that may be considered rude, upsetting, offensive, discriminatory, or in any way inappropriate to all age groups) which will be decided at our discretion.
How does 'opt-in' rewards work?
We understand that our patrons might not want every reward we offer and it is very important for us to always give them this option and therefore certain rewards will require patrons to opt-in before receiving them.
For instance, some patrons might want to remain anonymous so before we mention anyone on our thank you page we send them a wee link where they can confirm that this is something they would like. If they don't want this reward, they don't have to do anything, they will only get the reward if they opt-in.
Another example would be physical rewards (e.g. A thank you card). Patrons who support us with €2.50 or more can choose whether or not they want to receive physical rewards in the mail when they become our patron by including a postal address. If they don't include a postal address, we won't send them anything.
How often do your share rewards?
This depends on the reward. We've listed all the rewards we share regularly to give you a better idea of when you could expect to get these.

DOWNLOADS: We will always share at least 3 new downloads with you every month and we always do our best to do so on the 1st day of the month.
FREEBIES FROM OUR SHOP / DISCOUNT VOUCHERS: We'll be sharing either a freebie from our shop or a discount voucher with qualifying patrons every month in turns, so every 2 months it will be a freebie and every other month it will be discount voucher. Whichever one of these it is we'll always do our best to share them within the first 7 days of the month.
SNEAK PEEKS etc.: We will be sharing these whenever we can but it depends on when we get to work on new pictures and stories when we finish them. Our pictures do take quite some time to create but we hope in time we'll have enough support to share at least one new drawing with you every month.
Can you tell me more about the 'Freebies Form Our Shop' reward
Every 2nd month we will offer an item from our shop for free to all patrons supporting us with $5 or more. This will be for a specific item of our choosing - for example a 'set of button badges featuring books' or a set of our 'classic picsee postcards' (please note that this will not include art prints) or in some instances we will offer you a choice of two items and you can choose which one you'd like to to get for free. This reward will usually be available within the first 7 days of every 2nd month and can be claimed from then until the last day of that month (based on Central European Time). We will send all eligible patrons an email (via with a voucher code - or you can simply login on the 'your gifts' page of our website to find your code as soon as this reward is available. To claim your freebie simply go to the item on offer in our webshop, add it to your basket and enter your code during checkout to get 100% discount on it. Please note that the discount only applies to the item on offer and does not include shipping costs which will be €0,97 in The Netherlands and €1,55 for all other countries - see 'Are there any postage costs for physical rewards' below for more details. Your voucher can only be used once to claim one free item and cannot be transferred or exchanged for another item or for cash or credit.
Tell me a bit about the discount vouchers...
Every two months we'll give those of you who supports us with $2.50 or more an e-voucher to use in our webshop ( If you support us with either $2.50 or $5.00 you will get a voucher for 10% discount and if you support us with $10.00 or more your voucher will give you 15% discount. These vouchers will usually be issued within the first 7 business days of the month and will be emailed to you via - or you can simply login on 'your gifts' page of our website to find your voucher code as soon as this reward is available. To claim your discount just visit our webshop (, add all the item you'd like to buy to your shopping basket and enter the voucher code during checkout (see 'How do I use my voucher' below for detailed instrucktions).

NB - Your voucher will be valid from the day of issue up to and including the last day of that month (based on Central European Time) so that you can use it when it suits you best. Please note that these vouchers are valid for one use per Patron and can only be used in our webshop. They cannot be combined or used with any other vouchers or promotions (unless specifically stated otherwise) and do not apply to postage and packaging. All vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.
How do I use my voucher?
To use your voucher code just visit our webshop ( and add all the item you'd like to buy to your shopping basket. Once you are done, go to your shopping basket and click the CHECKOUT button. This will open the checkout screen (which should look similar to FIGURE 1 below) in a new window/tab where you can then securely checkout via Shopify.

From here click on 'show order summary' (arrow a) which will open a section directly below it (as seen in FIGURE 2) that contains a summary of your order and an input field for your discount vouchers (arrow b). All that's left to do is to Enter your voucher code in this field and then click the button next to it (arrow c). If it is a valid code it will add the voucher (arrow d) and apply the discount to your order (arrow e). Please keep in mind that voucher codes are case sensitive.

You can still add or remove items to your basket after applying a voucher, it will simply recalculate your discount whenever a qualifying item is added or removed from the your basket. You can also remove a voucher code by clicking on the x next to the voucher (arrow d) if you decided not to use if for that specific order.
Are there any postage costs for physical rewards?
That depends on the rewards, we really wish we could pay the postage for all of them, but we simply cannot afford to do that. All 'Exclusive Prints' & 'Bonus Rewards' will be sent at our expense whereas 'Freebies from our shop' is sent at your expense. However, unless you add other items to the order, the postage cost will not be more than €1,55. Also, unless it specifically says otherwise discount vouchers only applies to the items ordered and not to postage costs.
Tell me about the exclusive (and Free) Art Print.
Once a year we produce a special art-print exclusively for our Patrons who supports us with $10 or more - and we'll send it to them for free, wherever in the world they might be.
This year's print features our picture-poem called "Moments". The image measures 7 x 5 inches (plus an additional white border of approx. 1 inch wide) and is printed on Hahnemuhle's fine art cotton rag paper (308gms) which is a beautiful matte paper with a subtle texture and a lovely warm tone making it a perfect fit for this artwork.

The reward will work as follows - About halfway through the year* we will create an exclusive picsee art print and send a signed copy for free to all qualifying** patrons. We will do one more print run at the end of the year for any new qualifying** patrons who started supporting us after we've sent out the initial prints (or those who didn't qualify at the time).

* These are high-end art prints, which means production time and printing times can sometimes vary but our aim is to send these around June / July (or December / January for the second print run).

** To be fair towards all our longtime supporters you will need to be a $10+ patron for at least two consecutive months at the time of print to qualify for this reward.

Please note: these prints are made exclusively for our $10+ patrons and is not available for purchase.
What are the archives?
The archives are an ever-growing treasure trove of downloads that can be accessed by patrons who supports us with $5 or more (at present it contains over 50 exclusive Patron downloads). Each month we make 3 new downloads that all our patrons can download for the duration of that month and after that they are moved into the archives where they will remain available exclusively to Patrons with archive access. Most of these downloads will remain in the archives permanently and will not be available to download anywhere else (this does not apply to calendars which will be replaced after a year).
Can patrons suggest new rewards or changes to current ones?
Yes, please do! These rewards are for our patrons you so we love to hear what they'd like. In fact, quite a few of our current rewards came to be because of suggestions and we've also made oodles of improvements because of suggestions too. Of course we won't be able to do everything but if it's practically and within our means we'll probably give it a try.

become a patron
Please note: all rewards are for personal use only.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us via our Patreon page, Facebook Messenger or by sending a message to and we'll do our best to get back to you within a day or two.
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