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We have lots of lovely new gifts for you this august. First up we drew a very special colouring page for you that features a brand new & never-seen-before picture of some snifflehogs that we found grazing in our garden this week. We also made a lovely set of Picsee Profile Pics for you that features 3 of our most popular pictures. And as always, you can download this month's edition of our digital desktop calendar and our bonus 'I Support Art' social media cover.....

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August downloads - colouring picture of some snifflehogs'
August Downloads - three Picsee 
profile Pics
august Downloads - A Digital Desktop Calendar
A Social Media Cover Pic to show you support art
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This month everyone who supports us with $2.50 or more will also get Discount Vouchers to use in our wee little webshop. If you support us with $2.50 or $5 your voucher will give you 10% discount on your entire shopping basket, and if you support us with $10 or more your voucher will give you 15% discount! Just login to get your voucher code and head on over to our wee webshop.

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We made PDF versions of all our current stories & picseetales (and of course, our new notes on drawing) for you to download and print while we are all required to stay home. We hope they will help a bit when boredom comes round to bug you.

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