We have lots of lovely new gifts for you this february. First up is a lovely new high-resolution colouring page that features one of our all-time-classic picsee picture of a wee 'Brown Onion Brownie' which you can download, print and colour. We also made a lovely new wallpaper which we think will be very useful...you see, a week or so ago someone gave the goblins that lives in our house some sweeties and whenever they get sugary snacks they cause endless amounts of trouble...and so we thought a wee wallpaper which warns not to feed the goblins might just save your working space from similar shenanigans. You can of course also download the February edition of our new 2020 digital desktop calendar that features a wee drawing of 'Lady Rosafae's flying school'...and as always you can download our bonus 'I Support Art' social media cover...

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Feb downloads - Dont feed em wallpaper
Jan downloads - colouring picture of a 'brownie'
february Downloads - A Digital Desktop Calendar
A Social Media Cover Pic to show you support art
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This month everyone who supports us with $2.50 or more will also get Discount Vouchers to use in our wee little webshop. If you support us with $2.50 or $5 your voucher will give you 10% discount on your entire shopping basket, and if you support us with $10 or more your voucher will give you 15% discount! Just login to get your voucher code and head on over to our wee webshop.

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We are also working on a new range of articles called "wee notes on drawing and making art" in which we will be sharing bits and bobs about the way we make our pictures. We are hoping to share the first of these this month and you will get to read them a whole 2 weeks before anyone else does – and as with our picseetales you will also be able to download a printable PDF copy of it.


And don't forget to check your inbox and our news page for some-sneak peeks & work-in-progress pictures of our new and upcoming drawings and maybe a few other little extras too...

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