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A special edition art print of a wee little Candle Ghost
An art print of a wee little Candle Ghost

PLEASE NOTE: This special Halloween edition art print will only be available to buy until the clock strikes midnight on the eve of Halloween (after which it will disappear until October next year).

This lovely art print features a drawing we made of a wee little candle ghost (or a wee smokie as we like to call them) who happen to be very important little phantoms.
You see, when you blow out a candle most people think the flame just disappears...but very few things in this world just disappear into thin air, and neither does a flame. No, they are actually all collected by the wee smokies who take them back home to feed the wee dragon pups so they can grow big and strong. And this is a very good thing. Otherwise, once lit, a candle's flame would just keep on burning forever...which means if you were to blow out a candle without a wee smokie around, you would just end up blowing the flame right across the room...which would leave you surrounded by a smouldering shambles for sure!

So the next time you blow out a candle, keep a close eye on the wee pillar of smoke rising from it, because as soon as it starts spiralling about, the wee smokie has arrived. And with a well trained eye and just a touch of believe and imagination, you should be able to see the shape of this little guy as the smoke dances around him.

a close up photo showing the lovely paper used for our prints
( a close up photo showing the lovely paper used for our prints )
EDITION :Halloween Edition (only available to buy in October)
DIMENSIONS :The image is approx 7 x 5 inches / 177 x 127 mm with a thick white border
PAPER :308gms Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper (matte with a subtle texture)
PRINT :Giclée fine art print with ultra-chrome Archival inks.

This listing is for a special edition Giclee print that will only be available to buy in October. The image measures 7 x 5 inches (with an additional white border) which is a standard frame size so you should be able to find a frame that fits it perfectly at any home stores. It is printed on Hahnemühle's fine art Photo Rag art paper which is made from cotton fibers instead of wood, making great environmentally friendly option. In addition to being good for our environment it's also a beautiful matte paper with a subtle texture and a lovely warm tone making it a perfect fit for this artwork.

Size and dimentions of our prints


We'll have your print in the mail within 1-3 business days and we always aim for 1 rather than 3. It will be carefully packaged (prints are sent in a padded envelope and packaged with an additional piece of cardboard to avoid bending) and sent from the Netherlands with PostNL, which is the Dutch postal service. We use their standard service to keep the postage charges to a minimum which is detailed below:

This item (with packaging) weighs approximately 60 grams.
Parcels weighing between 50-100 grams requires three stamps and will cost:
€ 2,61 within the Netherlands | € 4,35 for all other countries.
shipping tip: you can order items weighing another 40 grams with this item for no additional shipping cost.

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by the Picsees
this is an original creation by the Picsees
#halloween #candleghost #weesmokies

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