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a limited edition print of a wee Burrow Elf named Root
A limited signed edition art print of a wee Burrow Elf named Root.
€ 17.50
If you’d like to buy this lovely art print, please get in touch (via one of the methods listed below) and we’ll let you know whether or not we currently have one available for you. If not, we’ll be more than happy to get it printed for you (with absolutely no obligation to buy).
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This lovely Giclée print features a portrait we drew of a little Burrow Elf named Root. We realise not everyone knows what a Giclee print or a Burrow elf it, but don't worry, we'll be happy to tell you...

Firstly, a giclée print is a very special art picture that is printed by an expert on a very big and fancy printing machine to make sure it's the best and most beautiful picture ever! That explains a giclée print...but who are the burrow elves you ask? Well...they are wee little garden elves that live under cobblestones and they've done so ever since people starting putting cobblestones absolutely everywhere. When they find a loose one they will crawl underneath it and dig out a little hollow that they call home. They share these little abodes with all the local crawlies which will usually included a frog or two, some snails and a whole bunch of different bugs. They see these crawlies as part of their family and look after them really well...which is why you should never ever take a crawly away from its cobblestone...but they sure won't mind if you put a picture of them up on your wall ~:)

a close up photo showing the lovely paper used for our prints
( a close up photo showing the lovely paper used for our prints )
EDITION :LIMITED SIGNED EDITION (limited to 48 copies)
signed: YES | titled: YES | numbered: YES
DIMENSIONS :The image is approx 7 x 5 inches / 177 x 127 mm with a thick white border
PAPER :308gms Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper (matte with a subtle texture)
PRINT :Giclée fine art print with ultra-chrome Archival inks.

This listing is for a limited edition hand numbered, titled and signed Giclee print. The image measures 7 x 5 inches (with an additional white border) which is a standard frame size so you should be able to find a frame that fits it perfectly at any home stores. It is printed on Hahnemuhle's Photo Rag art paper which is made from cotton fibers instead of wood, making great environmentally friendly option. In addition to being good for our environment it's also a beautiful matte paper with a subtle texture and a lovely warm tone making it a perfect fit for this artwork. This edition is limited to only 48 copies. Each print is hand titled, numbered and signed in pencil on the white border below the image. Each print will be issued and numbered in sequence. A standard "open edition" of this artwork may also be or become available.

Size and dimentions of our prints


We'll have your print in the mail within 1-3 business days and we always aim for 1 rather than 3. It will be carefully packaged (prints are sent in a padded envelope and packaged with an additional piece of cardboard to avoid bending) and sent from the Netherlands with PostNL, which is the Dutch postal service. We use their standard service to keep the postage charges to a minimum which is detailed below:

This item (with packaging) weighs approximately 60 grams.
Parcels weighing between 50-100 grams requires three stamps and will cost:
€ 2,61 within the Netherlands | € 4,35 for all other countries.
shipping tip: you can order items weighing another 40 grams with this item for no additional shipping cost.

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by the Picsees
this is an original creation by the Picsees
#burrowelf #crawlies #root

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