I'm always very honoured when someone wants to use one of my pictures as a tattoo and most of the time I'm more that happy for people to do so. If this is something you'd like to do please read through the terms & condition listed below and and if you agree to all of them you are welcome to use my artwork for your new tattoo ~:)

You may also do so free of charge but if you can afford to please consider making a donation to support me and my work. This is in no way required but it will be greatly appreciated and will of course help The Picsees to create more artwork.


Terms & Conditions:

SUMMARY: You may only use the artwork to get a tattoo for yourself. Your tattoo artist may make some minor alterations necessary to created a good tattoo but please don't make any other changes. You may share photos of your tattoo online if you credit "the Picsees" as the original artist. You may not post it with anything offensive or on offensive websites or pages. You may not publish it offline or use it for any other purpose without getting permission from me first.

1. It is for personal use only.

You may only use my artwork to get a tattoo for yourself. It may not be used or included in any tattoo artist or tattoo shop's flash art in any way or form. My artwork and/or any image/likeness created from or inspired by it may not be published (with the sole exception mentioned in point 4), exhibited, licensed, sold, re-sold, redistributed or used for any commercial purposes in any way whatsoever without my prior written permission to do so.
Please note that this does not apply to any of the artwork found on the commissions page of our gallery ( which may only be used by the person/s who commissioned and/or paid for the artwork to be created.

2. Please do not change the artwork.

I understand that your tattoo artist might need to make some minor changes to the artwork and outlines to fit with thier style of tattoing and to ensure they do the best tattoo possible and I'm happy for them to do so. Also, some of my artwork features text and/or wording which may be removed if you'd like to do so. Other than that the artwork may not be edited, changed or manipulated in any way (this includes adding anything to, or removing any element from it, either directly or indirectly) without first discussing it with me and getting my written permission to do so.

3. Do not use my artwork with or near anything offensive.

My artwork may not be used in, with or near anything (including but not limited to text and/or other images/artwork/symbols) that may be regarded as explicit, extreme, offensive, political, hateful, discriminatory or in any way inappropriate to all age groups. This is not negotiable.

4. Always give credit when sharing/posting pictures of your tattoo online.

You (and your tattoo artist) are welcome to post photos of your tattoo online as long as you always credit "the Picsees" as the original artist of the work. This must be done clearly and in such a way that there is never any doubt about this fact. Whenever possible please also include a link to my website (
NB - Please make sure you always adhere to all the terms mentioned in point 3 when you post anything online that features my artwork or any likeness created from or inspired by it.

5. You may not publish it offline.

You may not publish my artwork or any image/item/object/work and/or any likeness created from or inspired by my artwork offline in any way or any from (including but not limited to: books, magazines, tattoo flash, flyers, business cards etc) or use it (both online and offline) as a whole or part of a logo, website design etc. without prior written consent form me to do so.

PLEASE NOTE: I reserve to right to change or update these terms and condition at any time without prior notice. All permissions granted is for a non-exclusive one-time use of my artwork and only for the use specified in point 1 above and will always be subject to the current version of these terms and conditions (which can always be found by via:

If any of these terms are violated at any time, or if I deem my rights or my work to be exploited in any way, any and all rights granted to you may be retracted. This will be at my discretion. If this happens you must also ensure that all instances of the artwork that was shared/posted/published by you (either directly or indirectly) are removed immediately.

If anything is unclear or you have any questions or comments please contact us at: and we'll do our best to help

Last update: 29 August 2019