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a fridge magnet with our bookshelves picture poem

a fridge magnet that features our wee picture poem called "what is a bookshelf"
€ 5.00

As you might imagine we make lots n lots of wee little notes and scribbles...but it seems we lose more of them than we actually make. We've been looking for a solution to this particular problem for quite some time now. Then just the other day, while following the scent of some freshly baked cookies, we finally found it! The answer was in front of our noses all the time. Right there, up high on the refrigerator door was oodles of notes that our house humans wrote and they stuck them all to the fridge door with lovely little magnets. It was perfect! Unfortunately for us (but lucky for the human beans) we couldn't reach any of those magnets, so we had to make some ourselves and we are so glad we did cause they turned out beautifully! Much nicer than any of the ones our human beans have. We are really proud of our wee magnets, we've even made some extra ones for our shop in case you also need to put some important notes and scribble on your fridge! We hope you like them lots and lots ~:D

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a close up photo showing the back of the magnets
( a close up photo showing the back of the magnets )
DIMENSIONS :approx 3.1 x 2.1 inches / 79 x 54 mm.
MATERIALS :Paper, metal, Magnetic sheet

This listing is for a rectangular fridge or refrigerator magnet. It is a flat-surfaced (approx 2mm thick) high quality magnet similar to those found in museum shops around the world. The artwork is printed in high-gloss on the front and a magnet is fixed to the back (see sample pictures above). The magnet itself is a good, strong magnet that will firmly stick to metal surfaces making it perfect for putting up notes, drawings, recipes, etc on your fridge or other metal surfaces.

Size and dimentions of our fridge magnets


We'll have your magnet in the mail within 1-3 business days and we always aim for 1 rather than 3. It will be carefully packaged (either in a plain paper envelope with additional bubble wrap or in a padded envelope - depending on quantity/destination) and sent from the Netherlands with PostNL, which is the Dutch postal service. We use their standard service to keep the postage charges to a minimum which is detailed below:

This item (with packaging) weighs approximately 32 grams.
Parcels weighing between 20-50 grams requires two stamps and will cost:
€ 1,84 within the Netherlands | € 3,00 for all other countries.
shipping tip: you can order items weighing another 18 grams with this item for no additional shipping cost.

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by the Picsees
this is an original creation by the Picsees
#bookshelves #treasures #curiousminds

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